How to recycle your Innerbloom cold brew coffee bottles.

Here at Innerbloom we are always trying to do our best to do whats right for Mother Earth. Now while our bottles are not 100% recyclable (yet) there is a way that we do it to make it so it does get recycled. 

In this blog we breakdown the 3 easy steps to recycle your bottles. Alternatively if you are based in Auckland and want to give your bottles back to us we will clean them and reuse them. 

Step One:

  • Remove the cap off the bottle and dispose of it in the general rubbish bin 

Step Two:

  • Remove the little O-ring that sits below the cap and dispose of that in the general rubbish also

    Step Three:

    • Take the glass bottle and dispose of that in the recycling bin, please make sure the bottle has been rinsed and got rid of any coffee residue

    And there you have it. It is that easy and it puts our minds at ease that our bottles aren't doing any harm to our planet. We are working on ways that we can be 100% recyclable and sustainable. So please bare with us as we are taking it one step at a time, in all aspects of the business. ♻️

    Enjoy a cold one. Cheers. 🌞

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