Oat Milk & Coffee

We recently released a beverage with Sunny South oat milk. That is as tasty as it sounds. Organic coffee, organic oat milk. Made into oat milk cold brew coffee. How good! 

But why oat milk? 

Well we wanted to do a plant based milk with coffee that was ready to drink. Now apart from oat milk being very on trend at the moment. It actually tasted pretty darn good in a ready to drink coffee format. It mixes superbly with our organic coffee beans. Oats are an ancient grain and pack a nutritional punch. In the art of milking an oat the oat grain is liquified maximising the nutritional content. 

Are they sustainable?

Short answer is, yes. Oats are very sustainable to grow and they use far less water than almonds and use a lot less carbon emissions than dairy. Being all organic oats means that they don't have to rely on chemicals such as glyphosate or oils derived from synthetic fertilisers to grow. Sounds pretty darn good right?!

But what about the taste?

Yep oat milk tastes pretty good too, with almost like a natural sweetness to the milk. Pair that with our smooth cold brew coffee and you are onto a winner. The secret to that taste is part of the reason we paired with Sunny South is they only use four ingredients in their oat milk, which is far less than your other average oat milk. 

So in summary, if you haven't tried our new all organic oat milk cold brew coffee you are missing out. It sold out in 24hours on the first run and the feedback has been outstanding. We couldn't be more proud. 

Heres to organic coffee and oat milk. 🌞

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    Are oat milk and


    good to eat in the morning?

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