Cold brew FAQs with Innerbloom's founder

We get a lot of questions about our cold brew coffee, so we thought we would jump on here and do a little FAQ to answer some of those burning desires. 

Does my cold brew coffee have to be refrigerated?

Yes! Once you have received your cold brew, put it in the fridge and you are good to go.


How long will my cold brew coffee last?

The best before is on the back of the bottle. But it will last up to 6 weeks in the fridge. We batch brew our cold brew which means we make it fresh every week in smaller batches.


What do I do with my cold brew coffee?

You drink it?! Nah in all seriousness we decided the best way to sell our cold brew was in a ready to drink form. So that means all you need to do is drink it straight from the bottle. Nothing else. 


Why does it taste less bitter than a long black?

Cold brew is quite a delicate process, it is brewed slow with no heating involved. This leaves you with more of the flavour of the coffee bean and less acidity, and waayyyy smoother than your regular black coffee.


How much caffeine is in each bottle? 

Approx. 2 shots. We have had it tested at a lab to get this accurate. So it is the same amount as your regular cup of joe from the local cafe. 


Want to try Innerbloom cold brew coffee for yourself, click here  and try some for yourself. Cheers.

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