Our Story

Founded by a Professional Firefighter

Ollie found his love for cold brew when he was living in America between 2014 - 2016. Moving back to NZ he wondered if there were any cold brew coffee companies here in NZ. Not really liking anything that was on the market he thought he would start experimenting. 

Fast forward to now and Innerbloom is born. Being very passionate about performance, wellness and living a healthy well balanced lifestyle. Ollie being a firefighter and ex professional waterman saw the gap in the market for a healthy, performance based energy drink that not only does the job but tastes great as well. 
Enter Innerbloom.
With a growing following thanks to many happy customers, rest assured we are working hard to produce top quality cold brew coffee with all the great ingredients you know and trust- and none that you don’t.
So how did we get sooo damn smooth?!  Dive in and find out for yourself.


Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system to reduce fatigue and drowsiness. It may also benefit exercise performance; research has shown that it can improve endurance and increase muscular strength.
Cold brew coffee in particular is up to 65% less acidic than regular coffee, making it easier on your stomach. The process of cold brew coffee extraction is a lot more delicate than hot coffee therefore you get more of the antioxidants and flavours from the premium coffee beans. Combine that with cacao, coconut and vanilla which are all superfoods in their own right. You get a highly nutritious, antioxidant rich, beverage that not only tastes great but is good for you. 
Batch brewed into a super convenient ready to drink beverage, there is no good reason not to be drinking Innerbloom