We use a John Burton Honduras Coffee, an all organic coffee that is Fair Trade to ensure that the growers are paid enough to live on. Fair Trade practises value the dignity of the worker and ensure that prices don’t fall below a liveable benchmark no matter how the market moves. 

Organic farms combat climate change by emitting less carbon than chemical farms, while also sequestering significant amounts of carbon. As a bonus, organic coffee beans are richer in healthful antioxidants, and many people can even taste the difference. Your health, and the health of the planet, both get a boost. 

We’re small company wanting to do big things, so come along for the ride!

Here is some info about our coffee and the region:

Region: Lempira Region
Cooperative: COSAGUAL
Beneficio: Santa Rosa
Founded: 1994
Current members: 110 cooperatives
Varietal: Typica & Colombia
Process: Washed, Sun dried
Altitude: 1325 meters above sea level
Aroma: Clean and sweet
Acidity: Mild
Body: Good
Tasting notes: Clean, sweet, and balanced with red apple, chocolate and
nutty notes
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic 

Here at Innerbloom we want to leave our mark. But in a good way. We are big fans of Mother Earth and especially the ocean. The word "sustainable" gets thrown around a lot these days and whilst we aren't going to change the world over night we have decided to hold ourselves accountable. 

That is why we have partnered with and joined 1% for the Planet by pledging to donate 1% of our annual revenue to support non-profit organisations focused on the environment. Doing business costs the planet, so we see this is as paying our communities dues for what we take. 

This is just the start, there are loads we can do some very achievable goals and some that will take time. We hope that you can share our message and align yourself with our values as we tackle this together. 

We will be keeping you updated via our social media and emails with monthly updates. Cheers to that.