How to have a well rounded day.

The weather is warming up so we thought we would write a little blog on how you have truly own that day and utilise to your full potential.

This is all about having a well rounded day, and to make you feel like you really earned those after work beverages, implementing something like this on the daily is such a good way to tackle the day. Enjoy !

Eat Well:

"Preparation is the key to success" Meal prep is ideal when you want to eat well and stick to a plan. Prep something that you know you are going to want to eat, as well as it having the right amount of nutrients so that you can get done what is needed throughout the day.

Vitamin D:

This is a huge one especially when we are in the midst of a lockdown and not being able to get as much sun as we are used to. Vitamin D is massive for energy levels, mood, as well all round brain function and the nervous system. If you cannot get enough vitamin D through sun exposure and other nutrients, there are plenty of other great Vitamin D supplements you can use, with a little bit of research you can find out what is right for you.

Get Your Body Moving:

This one is pretty self explanatory, pick an exercise you like doing and take out 30min-1hour out of your day and do that. The health benefits are amazing and it is a great way to clear your head.

Drink Mindfully:

Be mindful of what you are putting in your body through liquid form. This ties into the eat well category. It could be as simple as lemon salt water in the morning to start the day and flush the system, then having no sugary drinks throughout the day. A good one is if you know you struggle to wind down in the afternoon, try not to have a coffee after 2pm, give your body time to wind down and digest the caffeine from earlier.

Plan & Prioritise :

Write a list of all the tasks you have to do that day. Identify what is most important, this means understanding your true goals. Highlight what is urgent. Prioritise based on urgency and importance. This will help you prioritise your time and consider the amount of effort that is needed to get each task done. You can only control what you can.

Hope you enjoyed, have a great day team :)

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