How We Survived David Goggins 4x4x48 Challenge

As well as being master brewers here at Innerbloom, we are also exercise fanatics and love all things sports, training and trying new things. Heres how we completed the 4x4x48 challenge and some tips on how you can too (if you want too).

What Is It:

In brief the 4x4x48 is an exercise challenge where you set out to do 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours. You can do this running, walking, biking, or anything really. We chose running. The cut off is 1 hour, so basically if the exercise is taking longer than an hour that is your cut off. The goal is 48 miles or 77.25km in the 48 hours. In other words we are well into ultra marathon territory.

What We Did:

We did this back in January 2021, we had a goal of just finishing and completing it and doing our best to document it along the way. We ran slow, our goal was to hold 6min kms just so we could complete each run with enough time to stretch, refuel and get some shut eye. It didn't really go to plan, there was minimal stretching and not much sleep. We were so worried about getting back home with enough time to refuel and sleep that the stretching went out the window...

By the last 3 runs we had to move to a field as our IT bands and Achilles couldn't cope with the concrete, it was okay once were about 3km into the run but once we stopped everything flared up again. We managed to complete the runs and distances, but definitely felt relieved it was over.

Key Takeaways For Anyone Wanting to Do This:

Mental Fatigue - This is essentially why you are doing it, you are pushing yourself mentally more than physically. Make sure you have a good support crew and the right brain fuel in place.

Going Slow - For us this worked, I don't think if we ran at say 4min Km pace it would have made a difference finishing 15mins earlier on each run. We would have been more physically fatigued and our joints more sore. Going slow is a good tactic.

Sleep And Start Time - Sleep whenever you feel like it, try and sleep at night and then maybe once during the day. We started at 8pm just so we finished in the afternoon so we could have a good dinner then go to bed straight away. I have heard other people say start at 4am so you have had a full night sleep beforehand. Each to their own, do not think this would have made too much of a difference.

Have A Plan - Plan your route, write down each run and how you are going to do it. We did the same exact route each time (apart from when we had to move to the grass). We would set 4miles on our watch, press start and walk 250 metres, then start jogging slowly, we stuck to this each time and it worked. We would cross off runs 1 -12 each time we did it and we both agreed to go slow and run with each other. Avoid hills where possible.

Fuel And Stretching - Go to the supermarket and buy everything you will need a day before you are going to be doing this. You won't want to leave the house in between runs. Stretching and rehab is key in between runs, if you have a massage gun, foam roller and a spiky ball you are sorted. MAKE SURE TO TRIGGER POINT AFTER EACH RUN. We got lazy, even 10mins will help. Also have ice baths if you can as well.

You do not need to be a pro, this is fully mind over matter, anyone can do it! But it is like anything, doing a little bit of preparation is a good thing. But doing a lot of preparation is a great thing. You will thank yourself later.

Will we do it again, I think so, but maybe not running? Who knows. Goodluck :)

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