Own That Morning Routine.

Here at Innerbloom we believe that owning your morning routine is crucial to how you start the day, that is why we take time to really get it right. Here is how we get it done;

6am: Wake Up: have morning tonic/lemon and salt water, make sure water is a little warm to make it alkaline. The lemon gives you vitamins and flushes your system and the salt will give you electrolytes lost during sleep

6.10: Get Moving: This is pretty much up to you, we suggest just going on feel, either 10min quick yoga routine(there are heaps on youtube) or even just 15-25 burpees to get the blood pumping. Even wrestling your pet or rolling around will do the trick haha

6.30: Breathing: 5mins of focusing on your breath, almost everyone has heard of Wim Hof and his breathing methods, please be careful when doing these. Me personally I focus more on box breathing through the nose only 4:4:4:4 which is in for 4sec hold for 4sec out for 4sec and hold for 4sec. Try focusing solely on breathing and nothing else for 5mins.

6.35: Cold Shower: This one is pretty self explanatory haha. If you are not used to this take it slow, at the end of your warm shower start with 15secs and build your way up daily or weekly. It is truly mind over matter. The goal here is 2mins under the cold. Then finish on hot just to warm up at the end.

6.45: Healthy Breaky: Make a healthy low carb breakfast, or if you do not have a healthy option skip a meal, until you have something that is going to be beneficial for your body. We have a post on our instagram for some epic healthy protein pancakes!

7am: Morning Coffee: Now this is what we have been waiting for, have your favourite coffee. Ours is a good old pour over through a Chemex. Or if its summer our cold brew goes pretty good too.

Let us know how you get on :)

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