How to perfect your pour over in just a few steps.

Rinse it out

Before you brew place your filter in the brewer and rinse it with hot water. This will get rid of residue and seals your filter nice and tight for good temp control

Grind it up

Make sure you are grinding right before your brew, getting the grind the right size think less is more, and preferably a burr grinder is the go to

Get the pour right

First is the bloom pour this gets the grounds saturated and helps with an even extraction. Make sure you are doing about twice the amount of water to coffee. Avoid the light spots go toward the dark :)

Clean water is good

Clean water = clean coffee. You’ll want the water temp around 95 Celsius.

Ratio done right

For a Chemex it suggests roughly 42grams of coffee per 700 grams of water.

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