Let's hear from Michael Mcrae & Co Founder of Two Dudes

We recently partnered up with Two Dudes this September for a little promo on their website. If you didn't know who Two Dudes are, it was started by Tom (Dude One) and Michael (Dude Two) as an online skincare subscription business out of our garages in November 2020. It was a side hustle as we both still had full time jobs. 

Why is it called Two Dudes?  Obviously there are two dudes that started the business. But by choosing to use Two Dudes products you’re looking after yourself and another dude (through our charities) simply by going about your daily routine. That’s two dudes.

Here is our quick chat with Michael, we hope you enjoy:

Who is Two Dudes?
Two Dudes is a local men's grooming brand who have a big focus on men's health. They make natural products for face, body and hair.
Why did you start Two Dudes?
Tom's girlfriend got Tom (Dude One) and Michael (Dude Two) using skincare while living overseas together in 2018. When they returned to NZ and couldn't find affordable decent quality products for dudes they went about making their own!  Tom and Michael then formulated a quality and affordable range for men and 18 months later they launched Two Dudes in November 2020.
What does a typical day look like for a small business owner in NZ?
This is a question we get asked a lot and quite frankly we have never been able to give a convincing answer. Ask us tomorrow and I'm sure the answer will be different to yesterday and the day after that.
How do you keep health and wellness at the forefront of your day to day life?
We're big believers that mental and physical health are intertwined. Tom gyms a lot, eats really well and is an ice hockey fanatic (used to play for New Zealand). Michael is the outdoors one who is constantly going sailing or surfing on the weekend. We both have a common understanding that if life is getting a bit stressful we need to take a day to do what makes us happy to be able to refocus e.g. beach day, sailing, gym, spending quality time with our other halves
What is in store for Two Dudes in 2024 and beyond?
We've got some super exciting stuff coming up in November and beyond into 2024. Make sure you're following our socials so you can be the first to know!
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