Healthy Snacks, Foods & Drinks For Your Next Roady 🚐

Most of us aren't doing much travelling by plane these days. But nothing beats a good roady of your home country! Almost every bloke (or lady) in NZ either has or wants a Land Cruiser with a roof top tent on top of it. Or everyone wants their own van they can just pull up wherever or the night. That being said you don't want to arrive at your destination feeling tired, hungry and feeling worse than when you left. Easter is just around the corner and there will be plenty of roadies on the cards so let's dive in. 
With fuel prices going through the roof you will want to spend your money on the fuel at the gas station not the overpriced snacks and subpar coffee thats available. Below are our top 5 snacks that you can buy or make from your local supermarket.


  • Trail Mix
  • Energy or protein bars 
  • Beef Jerky
  • Blueberries or raspberries punnet 
  • Popcorn
Now while we might not want a full meal when we are travelling, there are other alternatives that you can make at home that will come in handy to fill that void. You might need a chilly bin for some of these.


  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Low carb bacon and egg pie (recipe here)
  • Cold protein pancakes with peanut butter on them (recipe here)
  • Cold Pizza (either homemade or bought from nice restaurant)
Now that you have all your food and snacks sorted we need to keep you hydrated and energised for the trip ahead. These are our go to roady drinks of choice. 


  • Cold Brew Coffee (Innerbloom of course)
  • Kombucha - try either homemade kombucha or buy from local NZ companies like Goodbuzz or Batchwell
  • Sparkling or still flavoured water. We love Almighty Drinks as ours
Hopefully these give you some healthy options for your next roady or long car ride and keep you well energised and not fighting those mid trip cravings for sugar or chips. Cheers.

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